Antara , Bandung | Sat, 04/19/2008 3:16 PM | Headlines

West Java governor candidate Agum Gumelar and his running mate Nu’man Abdul Hakim filed a warning notice Saturday with the West Java Elections Commission (KPUD), calling
for a recount in the province’s gubernatorial race.

The letter pointed out seven points, including an alleged vote manipulation in several district and subdistrict polling committees, and the commission’s negligence for not inviting a
number of eligible voters to the poll.

“We give a 24-hour ultimatum for the West Java KPUD to follow up on our warning. Otherwise, we will take a legal action,” Agum and Nu’man’s legal team secretary Abdi Yohana said Saturday.

The team demanded the West Java KPUD recount valid ballot papers in all polling stations and subdistrict and district polling committees, he said.

“Our evidence shows our candidates have suffered a blow due to the violations mentioned in our warning,” he said.

Agum and Nu’man are still second in the race with 35 percent of the votes, trailing leaders Ahmad Heryawan and Dede Yusuf by 4 percent. (***)